11dp5dt-first beta!

Today’s symptoms, sore breasts, cramping and extreme fatigue. Beta was 611!! Second beta on Thursday. Lots of cramping 



11:25 am-

started the day off symptom-less. Maybe very slightly breast soreness. Had breakfast although my tummy was aching a bit. After I ate, I started having terrible cramps (go to the bathroom cramps) that had my doubled over in pain.  It was sharp and intense. I tried to use the bathroom but nothing. Finally, I was able to go and the cramps have subsided. Now I feel tired, back hurts and achy in the tummy. No more tummy problems since about 30 min ago. I took An immodium. Now I have this impending doomed feeling that I might get bad news because Dr.Google said diarrhea is a sign of miscarriage

Beta is tomorrow. Praying for good numbers.


6:45 am-

This morning, I have only experienced light heartburn, light breast pain, and a bit of fatigue.  I’m not able to “suck in” my stomach. Back soreness is bearable

9:40 am-

cramps, especially on the right side.

4:30 pm-

I have been so lazy all day! I fell asleep on the couch which never ever happens in the middle of the day! I’m positive it’s all of this progesterone 😂



8dp5dt 2ww

8:25 am-

Breast soreness and fullness last night and this morning. Light cramping as well. Slightly tired. I’ve been falling asleep on the couch without remembering it every night and then I wake up around midnight or 1 am and go to bed. I then wake up at 4:30 am without any prompting. I go back to sleep until I’m supposed to get up at 5:30 am.

7DP5DT 2ww

2:50 pm-

It’s been a busy busy day! I haven’t had time to update my blog.

Today I have had “heavy” breasts but no soreness. Small amounts of cramping as well but not much else. I have tested, however, I will be taking it with a grain of salt.

BETA is on Monday which has really been killer. I asked if they would do it Saturday but they said they don’t do BETA’s on Saturdays, even though they are open. I understand that.

I’m still eating my pineapple core as usual and trying to avoid folic acid (because of my MTHFR gene mutation).


9:15 pm-

heavy cramping, bloating and backache. Ready for bed. Zzzzz

6dp5dt 2ww

8:30 am-

Last night I cramped slightly. I woke up this morning feeling full and bloated. I have been cramping badly for the last couple of hours along with tummy problems. Breast are heavy but not painful. The pain in my back, shoulder, and arm pit subsided.

11:25 am-

Sharp pains through my lady bits and pelvic area. 🙂

5dp5dt 2ww

7:00 am-

nothing. Bfn this morning

12:30 pm-

Not much change. More tired, more frequent BM’s. Maybe slightly full feeling. I feel better after talking to a fellow IVF buddy. She reminded me how early it is in the cycle and that I need to stay positive. It’s all in God’s hands. Another one of my IVF friends who used the same clinic as me, also said she didn’t get her BFP (very faintly) until day 6 and she just had her baby girl a month ago. I’m feeling better about things. I do plan to call my clinic after lunch to see if they will do my BETA on Saturday rather than Monday since Saturday is day 9 which is usually protocol. I don’t want to be “that” patient (no pun intended at all). You know that patient that nags and nags and every time, the caller id shows it’s that patient, all of the office staff starts talking crap about the patient for being so needy. We shall see if I get the guts to call.

6:30 pm-

ive been having some “discomfort” in my right shoulder blade and it radiates up into my right shoulder, chest/arm pit and arm. My anxiety is kicking in and I’m having a bit of trouble breathing. This has been going on for a couple of hours so I’m not sure whether to worry or not. I’m having minor cramps..I bought some frer tests and I’m going to test again in the morning.

7:40 pm-

cramps, still having the arm pain. Hopefully it’s better later