10 weeks, 6 days

I have shockingly made it to this point. I have no idea how but I feel very grateful as so many of my IVF friends have either lost their pregnancies or their transfers didn’t work. It is a heavy feeling..I wanted it to work for everyone.

My hematoma has caused me 2 hospital stays and weekly check-ups at the OB. Last they checked, the hematoma had grown from .6cm to 10 cm. I haven’t bled in 2 days which is amazing..I think. I rented a Doppler and I check on the baby twice a day to be sure everything is still good in there. The baby’s heart beat is usually pretty high ranging from 185-195 bpm.

I was released from RE and my last PIO, baby aspirin, estradiol tablets, and estradiol patch  will be on the 25th. I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified.  Everything that has been supporting my child through this bleed is going to stop cold turkey. As much reassurance as I’ve received, I’m still uneasy.

I go for a 3D/4D sonogram Monday and then follow up on Tuesday with my OB. We shall see.


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