9 weeks

So it’s been A couple of weeks since my last post. About 9 days ago, I was sitting in my car fixing to go home when I felt a large gush of liquid down there. I frantically went to look and it was bright red blood. I kept gushing over and over. I started to cry as I knew this was the end. I called my husband (multiple times) and told him to get his ass out to the car because I needed to get to the ER. At this point it was all over my pants and car seat. By the time I walked in the lobby, it was pouring down my leg. The cramps were terrible and my head was pounding. After waiting an eternity, a u/s tech came back and did the abdominal sonogram. I cringed waiting for news…he said, “well, there’s your baby. It’s heart is beating 175 bpm.” My husband asked him to repeat it and I just started bawling. I thought “there is no damn way”.

The doctor came in and said she doesn’t know why I am bleeding so heavily but she suspects it’s the hematoma. That’s a lot of blood for a .6 cm hematoma. I was sent home on bedrest. I laid in bed all that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I stopped bleeding that Saturday night. By Monday morning I was bleeding brown. I had no bleeding Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday. I started bleeding Black Friday evening. I laid around and took it easy. I had no bleeding by Saturday morning.

So last night, we went to eat at a friends house. We haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy because we are fearful of the outcome. There were many people there. The host was talking to me while we ate and in the middle of her sentence, I felt a huge gush. “You have got to be shitting me”. I started crying. How mortifiting. My friend lives in a very nice home with very nice furtinure. Here I am, sitting in her gorgeous dining room with her very expensive dining chair, bleeding all in it. To top it off, all of these people are eating. I had to tell everyone what was going on. There was blood everywhere. It was on the floor, on the chair, all over my pants and legs.

I decided to wait this one out at home. They won’t do anything at the clinic anyways. I called my RE and they seem unconcerned. After I profusely apologized to my friend for ruining her chair, I decided I should just stay at home from now on.

Im so worried about our little pea, but I keep waiting and expecting the worst but I’m hoping for the best. I have a regular scan planned for Wednesday. I’m ready to get some answers


3 thoughts on “9 weeks

  1. Oh my gosh girl. I am so sorry that happened. I will be thinking of you. Please let me know if you need anything. I hope that you get answers soon. Try to stay calm in the meantime. I know its easier said than done. ❤


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