ER Visit

So yesterday as I was walking through the grocery store, that nagging pain started coming back. It starts off in the right side of the pelvic area, radiates to the left and sends shooting pains throughout the entire pelvic region. This started really bad on Sunday evening after I had two long photo shoots. Monday morning, I went to my regular job and while out at car drop-off, I started having the pains again and by the afternoon, it was back again. This time it worried me, because it was starting to become unbearable. I knew I was scheduled for an ultrasound today, but I was terrified something was wrong so I called my RE.

Of course her being 3 hours away and it being 4 pm, she instructed me to go to the ER. I honestly contemplated just sucking it up and waiting. I mean, who really wants to sit in the ER during Flu/Strep/Cold season and wait for hours.

I decided to go…after all, what if it was something I could fix with quick treatment. I chose a hospital that’s known for it’s hospitality and quick service. I walked in (barely). It was pouring rain. I checked in and waited to be called back (5 min later). The doctor was very attentive and wanted to quickly run a bunch of tests. She wasn’t dramatic but she also didn’t brush me off. I liked her. She ordered a urine pregnancy test, UTI test, a blood test for both pregnancy and to test other levels such as blood cell counts and things of that nature.

Urine was clear, no ketone’s which indicated no UTI. No elevation of any of the white blood cells so no infection. Regular bowel movements. Potassium was  low so they  made me drink this nasty orange drink. My fault for not eating enough leafy greens and bananas. So they decided to do a sonogram. I told the tech I was super early on and they seem mesmerized at the fact that my last period was back in November and I was claiming to only be 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. The doctor kept saying when was your “transplant”. I figure they don’t see many IVF patients.

So they hook me up to an IV which I truly didn’t need. My bladder was already very full from all of the water I already drink. I had to wait 30 minutes because the tech had a more urgent patient next door. It sounded like her news wasn’t good as I heard loud voices and cries next door in the ultrasound room.

I waited patiently as I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the results of the scan. I was about to bust by the time she came in and got me. I didn’t know if I could make it to the next room without peeing on myself. I made it though. She put the cold jelly on my tummy and scanned away. She said my bladder was extremely full, which I could have told anyone. HA! She was so sweet! She told me she is currently on progesterone injections because she doesn’t produce enough on her own. She has been trying to get pregnant for a year now. We talked about that while she measured. I kept seeing two large black spots on the screen. I kept thinking, “are there two babies in there?” She couldn’t answer my questions about the two spots because she has to wait for the doctor.

And then, there it was…a little flickering heart beat. She tried to measure it was it was hard with probe being on top of the tummy. She said she would need to get more measurements and details for the doctor so she was going to have to switch to an trans- vaginal ultrasound. I quickly changed, feeling better about seeing a heart beat.

Once again, she was scanning. The heart rate was 145 bpm. I cried…a joyful relieved cry. I wish my husband would have been able to come.

I was in there for about 35 minutes getting all of these measurements. The tech typed up her notes and the doctor came in 5 minutes later. She explained that I have a Subchorionic Hematoma, which is causing the pain and cramping (besides normal implantation cramps). This is also what was causing the large black spot on the sonogram right behind my baby.

Now, I’m very familiar with this condition. I have had it before… 9 years ago. It was all coming back to me. I remember the hell of bed-rest, pelvic rest and bleeding/cramps. UGH!

Sure enough, she suggested the same recommendations. Bed-rest…I can’t do bed-rest. Yes, I love my kid and I don’t want to lose my child, but I will lose my insurance if I leave my job. I will lose half of our household income as well. This was NOT in the plans. I asked if there is any way I can do “light-duty” at work. Basically, this will consist of me sitting on my butt as much as possible. She said she would prefer bed-rest but that she will write a note for light duty and then I will need to talk to my RE for further instruction.

Fast forward to this morning, I told my principal and she was understanding. My co-workers seem to understand which was great. Now I’ve got to figure out what to do about Photography. I can’t sit in photography. I have a bridal shower to shoot on Saturday. It has been booked for 5 months now. I also have a very pregnant woman (due any day) that I have to photograph tomorrow. These are not things I can re-schedule and I realize, I may be putting them in a huge bind, by backing out.

My RE nurse called me to check and see what happened. I told her and she said she would need to talk to Dr. N to see what to do next.

Next up: Ultrasound today at 4 pm. My husband will get to be there this time. Hoping I actually get a print out and get to hear it.


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