4dp5dt- feeling worried

7:00 am-

nothing but a headache and backpain associated with PIO. I’m extremely worried that I’m not experiencing any symptoms from Progesterone or estrogen.  It makes me wonder if it’s even absorbing into my bloodstream or if I have enough to support the embryo. My natural cycles always involved major breast soreness. Since I know I’m able to get pregnant and successfully implant off of my own hormones, I’m worried about not having any of my normal symptoms.   My clinic doesn’t typically test progesterone or estrogen levels prior to transfer or after transfer. They only test after a pregnancy has been confirmed. I would like to call today to see if I can get tested but I fear that it is too late.

2:35 pm-

super tired. I had a training at work today so it kept my mind busy! Something we learned was relaxing techniques to help during stressful times. I definetly needed it. Not many symptoms other than backache and hip pain from PIO, extreme fatigue from Progesterone, a violent cough caused by a nasty cold. Lol!

I spoke with my nurse this morning regarding my concerns about not having enough Progesterone and/or estrogen. She put my mind at ease. I’m on lots more progesterone than needed which I was told won’t hurt anything. She says everything is ok and I realize that now.

6:25 pm-

minor cramps..backache in a new spot. Slight breast tenderness on the side


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