3dp5dt 2ww

8:15 am-

I’m tired..that’s all. I will say, I had a vivid dream last night and I did the night before as well but it’s so early on, I’m just not sure it’s connected. Last night, I dreamt of actual 12 week old embryos in a sandwich sack with ice in it. I was carrying them with me everywhere. So weird..maybe I will truly carry 12 week old embryos that were once on ice in real life. 🤰🏼

12:20 pm-

I’m more energetic this afternoon. I ate a big healthy breakfast that I got up and cooked for my husband and I. I tried to do some light chores but I tired out quickly although I have the mindset to finish after I take a break. I’m having issues breathing but i also have these symptoms when I’m having anxiety issues. (This whole thing makes me anxious. Lol). My runny nose has not stopped.  My husband and I watched a funny movie in the bed this morning and cuddled while we drank our coffee (mine decaf). That makes me so happy. It reminds me of the movies or some fairytale. I’m very blessed.

I’m feeling super hot at times and a slight bit of bloating and heaviness. However, I’m only feeling small twinges of things that I wouldn’t have noticied if it was not the 2ww. No major uterine activity that I can feel anyways.

4:05 pm-

my back aches from PIO. Slightly nauseated and dizzy. Very tired and hungry more often than not. Poas like a dummy. I know it’s way too early. Maybe a twinge of breast soreness…still out of breathe after short activity

9:20 pm-

slight twinges in the uterus. Heavy feeling. Super tired. Night night!


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