2dp5dt 2ww

9:00 am- 

No real symptoms this morning. I was restless last night but I think it’s just the 2ww anxiety. No cramping or twinges. I feel less tired today as well. My fingers are swelling which has caused pain with wearing rings. Slightly congested. 

12:00 pm-

Slight nausea and gagging (I got one of my prenatal vitamins stuck in my throat), feelings of tension in my pelvic area but it is so minor feeling that I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I wasn’t in the 2ww. I did some light chores just to move a bit and got a shower. I’m back in bed relaxing and googling every dang symptom. Lol. I forget that I’m only 2 days out! Lol! Nose is running a lot more now and sneezing. No fever though. My throat feels better. Lymph node is still swollen. Veins are all more prominent. No breast pain. 

1:15 pm: 

Sudden nausea and hot flashes. 

5:35 pm-

Serious hot flashes! Literally sweating.  Very nauseated! Gassy all of the sudden (I did eat a salad which tends to do this for me). Starving! Still congested although also sneezing. 


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