FET day! 

My husband woke up saying “are you Ready to make a baby”. lol. Very sore red throat.  I Started the day with my PIO injection. We were so excited but I was trying to keep it cool.

We arrived in Frisco about an hour and a half early so we went to breakfast. I drank lukewarm water and ate cream cheese crepes (with strawberries) with eggs and sausage. I also ate a slice of pineapple with the core (not my favorite fruit in the world)

We arrived at the clinic about 10 minutes earlier than we were supposed to. It was 11:35 am. It was very busy for the clinic today as I saw couple after couple enter the back area. I had already started chugging my 32 oz of room temp water at 11:30. I badly needed to pee by noon. Finally at 12:30 pm we were called back. We spoke to the embryologist very quickly and got a picture of our sweet embryo. We were told the grade was an AB. We sat about 5 more minutes and a nurse came to get us back. I couldn’t even walk at this point because I had to pee so bad. They let me release a very small amount of urine. I got into the room and got into my gown. We sat another 5 minutes and another nurse came to get us. I was so scared if I stood, I would pee on myself. She asked me to empty just a tiny bit of urine. I did..still was in pain but I was terrified I would ruin everything.

At this point, it was 12:45 pm. I got into the stirrups under the operating light. A tech put jelly on my belly and showed me a very full, pear shaped bladder. She called the doctor and let her know she was ready.

Doctor came in, embryologist confirmed my name and birthday, and we began! The doctor inserted a metal speculum, cleaned the cervix (I think) with a medical q-tip (ouch). She then inserted an empty catheter. She let the embryologist know she was ready. She grabbed the catheter and inserted it and a little wiggling and moving, she pushed it in. I could not see it on the screen although I wish I would have. The pain was very bad at this point because of the sonogram prob pushing my bladder. The embryologist checked the catheter to ensure it was empty and it was and everything was extracted. I cried, my husband laughed. I know he was happy and so was I.

I got up, cleaned up and went straight to pee as instructed. I returned to my room where a meditation expert was waiting and we meditated for 10 min. I laid for an additional 20 min.

We departed, went for sushi (I ate only cooked sushi). Drove home on a bumpy road for 2.5 hours.

I’m now laying on the couch. I’m experiencing minor cramps and pinches in my right lower stomach.

I will start tomorrow with 2ww symptoms 🙂 

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