1DP5DT 2ww

7:00 am:

Throat is still sore and red. My left neck lymph node is very swollen. UGH, probably a little virus or a bacterial infection. I’m never “well” it seems.

Pinching sensation in the right lower pelvic area was strong late last night and earlier this morning. I left my pants unbuttoned just so I don’t feel squished and I don’t squish my little embryo (I realize this isn’t rational thinking).

I feel very tired… I came to work today but I’ve asked for lighter duty (which only means not doing car duty which involves lifting children, walking quickly, standing for about an hour straight in weather conditions. This morning it is cold. Some mornings it’s freezing, windy, or raining. Occasionally we are kicked, hit, or the child is throwing their bodies around and we must carry them in. This is either because they are special needs or they want to stay at home (Can you blame them?) At 3 or 4 years old, that’s just something you don’t know how to handle emotionally.

I will update if any more symptoms pop up.

8:45 am:

I started crying randomly although this has been happening for a couple weeks now. Nothing new.

4:00 pm- light pulling from the right pelvic area. Light cramping. Discharge has been medium and slowly turned to light. 

8:40 pm- runny nose and lots of sneezing. Surely has something to do with this sore throat. Very tired..literally I wake up every day exhausted and end every day exhausted. There was minor cramping but otherwise, no other symptoms 


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