Tomorrow is the big day!

I can’t wait!! I can’t believe it’s almost here. This has been such a long time coming!

Today I’m feeling tired, but excited. I have lots of extra discharge (sorry for TMI), no breast soreness as I usually get, I’ve gained a little I believe although it doesn’t show on the scale. My back hurts (but more than likely this is from the PIO shots. We can’t seem to miss the nerves). Nothing else as of right now.

My plan for tomorrow and the dreaded 2ww… tonight, I’m going to go buy a fresh pineapple and a jar of mixed nuts. I will drink warm drinks as much as possible. I wanted to do acupuncture but I tried to make an appointment for the day of transfer and they said they wouldn’t do it because I wasn’t previously doing it (mainly because the closest acupuncturist with infertility experience is 3 hours away). I was a little bummed by that, but it is what it is.

I’ve been taking 3-Thorne’s Prenatal Vitamins daily (I have MTHFR gene mutation so I can’t take traditional prenatal’s), two- 2mg estradiol pills, 2 cranberry supplements (i’m susceptible to UTI’s), 1 baby aspirin, and one antibiotic (z-pack). I’m also on one estrogen patch every 3 days. Let’s not forgot the dreaded Progesterone injection (2 ml of that).

I am patiently waiting for the nurse to call with instructions for tomorrow.  I am wishing that transfer was scheduled for a Friday as I don’t want to take 2 days off. I’m contemplating only taking off tomorrow and just taking it easy at the office on Friday. My job isn’t too strenuous unless we get a little one who doesn’t want to leave his parents in the morning. That can be a physical strain to get them out, but my co-workers have agreed to help me out in reference to that. One of my co-workers makes me feel guilty about it so I’m still not sure if I should just take off Friday too or not. This has all been so emotionally hard. I feel awful when I miss work, come in late, or can’t perform my normal duties. It makes me feel like a burden 😦

I am drinking half decaf coffee this morning, but I even feel bad about that. I’m trying really hard to relax and not stress but it seems near to impossible.

Anyways, so I will have Saturday and Sunday off too. I have purposely not scheduled any photo shoots for a few weeks. I will lay around the house and read the entire weekend while eating my pineapple and nuts! HA!

The rest of the 2ww I will come to work as usual and just try to take it as easy as possible. My beta is scheduled for January 30th, but honestly, I don’t think I can wait that long. I plan to do an HPT  on the 25th, although I will take the results of that with a grain of salt. I don’t want to get too excited or discouraged by those results as I know with IVF, it can head in either direction..especially at the early stages.

My husband seems excited although we aren’t feeling completely settled on the “one embryo or two” situation. Because this is our first time with IVF, I’m not really sure how to pick. Our doctor seemed neutral on the subject and didn’t have a preference. I felt disappointed to not have more input from the professionals on this. From what I’ve read from some others though, it may be something they discuss with us on the day of transfer…I really don’t know on that.

I realize I am “young”  (ripe age of 29 years recently), he is 30. As I’ve stated in early posts, he has no children (although his side if completely normal). I have a high AMH (which is why we didn’t go with a fresh transfer). I have gotten pregnant on the first try naturally (with my first husband). The first ended in an early miscarriage and the other two were successfully. However, that was nearly 9 years ago. Since then, I have developed many reproductive problems including endometriosis. I have scar tissue from a c-section, a d&c, endometriosis, and from the removal of endometriosis. I also have no remaining Fallopian tubes. I found out 2 summers ago that I have MTHFR Gene Mutation as well, which causes a build up of folic acid toxicity ( I can’t absorb any folic acid so it turns into waste in my liver ) that causes miscarriages.

I will update more this afternoon, once I’ve received word on my instructions from the RE nurse. 🙂






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