Transfer- T minus 4 days 

So now we are almost to the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so excited and ready. 

I started Progesterone injections  yesterday. The needle is frightening but it’s turned out to not be so bad 🙂 

My son started vomiting Friday night and my daughter is currently vomiting. We’ve managed to stay well for all of these IVF months but the lovely stomach bug had to make its appearance 4 days before embryo transfer. I somehow expected for this to happen. That just seems to be something that had to happen. Ha! 

Since Friday night, I’ve been on google, trying to find every way to keep the bug away and controlled! I kept telling AB to stay away from HT on Friday and not get in his face but she didn’t listen. I’m sure she touched something that he touched, (we went to Chilis where they played on one of those tablets and they both were on the same on.) An hour later, HT was puking all over the parking lot of a soccer game we went to. I’m just hoping my overly cautious (borderline OCD) behavior kept me from catching it. I will be so heartbroken if I end up being sick now or after the transfer. There’s no way that it can be good for you or your body. 


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