The breakdown of IVF 

So as I left off, we had just enough funds to pay for our IVF cycle. 

Just to breakdown how IVF is works, you start off with “stims” which is where you inject medications into your tummy several times a day. You are monitored very closely via sonogram and blood work to be sure things are progressing smoothly. They are looking for high estradiol levels and multiple follicles in the ovaries. As the days go on, they are looking for your follicles to get larger and larger. Once the follicles are at an acceptable size, you are then “triggered” by HCG or Lupron to cause your body to ovulate. You are scheduled the next day for something called retrieval. For retrieval, you are put under anesthesia and your eggs are removed with a little vacuum type of tool. The eggs are the mixed with your partners swimmers and bam! You’ve got babies. Some of the embryos make it, and some don’t. 

We were lucky and ended up with 8 embryos that we were able to freeze.  My regular cycle started 5 days later. I was able to start birth control which helped to settle my system. I started the active transfer cycle (which is part 2 of the two step process) on December 17th 2016 (one day before our 1 year anniversary). 


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