IVF with FET

  1. a medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body.
    “A frozen embryo transfer (FET) is a cycle in which the frozen embryos from a previous fresh IVF or donor egg cycle are thawed and then transferred back into the woman’s uterus. “


IVF….the most amazing scientific project. Side effects include an empty pocket book, guarantee of many tears, and let’s not forget the endless shots. We wanted to get started as soon as possible but after I realized how much it was going to cost, we just couldn’t afford it. So the saving began…

Photography was something I loved to do, but it was also something everyone in my little town loved to do. There were really great one’s and than there were one’s who thought they were really great. I was somewhere in the middle. I was still learning so much and I would get a little gig here or there. Eventually, it just kept building up and building up as I got better and better. I, by no means feel like I’m at the top, but I’m 100 times better than I was in the beginning. It was a true blessing because this was the time in our lives when we desperately needed the funds. I saved every penny I made.

May 5, 2015: We closed on our home! We finally could settle down! I focused a lot on our home. That kept my mind busy and off of the fertility issues.

December 18, 2015- I became Mrs. Kristina Galvan. It was a thrown together and simple event. We didn’t need or want to spend a bunch of money on a huge wedding. We literally decided a month before the wedding that we would make it official on the 18th ( a year after the proposal). My husband loves the 18th of December..his High School football team won the State Championship on December 18th. He graduated from College (something that had not been done yet in his family) on December 18th, and he proposed on December 18th. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Life went along…Rudy was working two jobs and so was I. We saved and saved. Finally, we decided that we had almost enough. We scheduled a consultation for October 2016 at a Frisco Fertility Clinic. The only Reproductive Endocrinologist in our area was in Tyler. He was awful..cold and seemed uncaring. That’s why we decided to travel. I went to the consultation alone, as I knew it was going to be a long journey and lots of days to take off. I wanted my husband to save his days.

The doctor spent an hour with me discussing my history and our plans. I loved her! We decided to get treatment started with my next cycle. This is also when I got the breakdown of the costs.

Global Prepayment Discount

Treatment Plan: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)/FET Cycle

The following is a prepaid global discount. It is only offered if prepayment is made prior to starting Lupron or 2 weeks before starting stimulation meds (if not taking Lupron). If prepayment is not made, you will be subject to the regular fee schedule.

Included Services:

Office Visits                                                                           Oocyte identification

Sonograms                                                                            Insemination of Oocytes

Blood draws                                                                          Culture of embryos

Lab-Estradiol                                                                         Preparation of embryos

Lab- Progesterone                                                               Ultrasound for embryo transfer

Lab- Luteinizing Hormone (LH)                                          Embryo Thaw

Lab- Beta HCG (1)                                                                 Embryo Transfer

Ultrasound for egg retrieval                                              Embryo Cryopreservation

Oocyte (egg) retrieval

Total due:$10,800

                                + 1500 ICSI

                                +$1500 (PGD/PGS biopsy) please keep in mind you will owe additional to Genesis Genetics.    


Additional Cost (approx)(Not included in global fee):

Medications- $5000.00-$7000.00

Anesthesia-$600.00 (if paid at least 2 days prior to retrieval) Pinnacle Anesthesia 972.715.5080

ICSI-$1500.00 (this is already added above)

Assisted Hatching- $900.00

Sperm Cryopreservation-$500.00 (1 year storage)

Semen Analysis-$100.00

PGD/PGS biopsy- $1500.00 (for FST) additional fees to Genesis Genetics (our fee is added above)

Genesis Genetics- $1350-$7000


Additional Cost- Cash Pay Patients only (If you have insurance the following will be submitted)

Sono-Hystogram/TET- $530.00

Hystrosalpingogram(HSG)- $555.00

Obstetrical sonogram-$345.00(1st gestation, $225.00 for additional gestational sacs)



I was in complete shock. Now keep in mind, I knew it was going to be expensive but not that expensive. My insurance doesn’t cover any of it, so we were left with no coverage. I cried…I just knew we would never be able to afford this. We had only saved $10,000. That would only be enough to cover most of the doctor fee, but that didn’t include the medications, anesthesia, semen analysis, or the Sono-Hystogram. Most of the other stuff didn’t apply to us although the last sonogram listed would depend on if the process worked. In total- for our case, it was going to be nearly $16,000. Then the gas to get to and from Frisco. I was also told that my sonograms and blood work that were going to be done in Tyler were separate. How could anyone afford this once, much less multiple times?

Once again, the Good Lord gave me an outlet and I was able to refinance my car to get the equity in it. We had just enough to pay for it….
To be continued….

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